My name is Didier Casner

I studied mechatronics in Strasbourg and am Doctor in Innovation Management & Product development. I have know-how in innovation, TRIZ, agile management and product development process.

My main goal is to help the designers to enhance their innovation capabilities and to identify their problems, to evaluate and to develop solution concepts. Therefore, I developed the Agile'TRIZ framework to integrate TRIZ into an agile process.


Do you know that 80% of the new products are only improvements of existing products and are not or tinyly innovative?


Because developers often encounter problems in overcoming their comfort zone or expertise to develop concepts with innovative principles (outside the comfort zone).

Do you want to change that?

Is it hard for you to:

  • Identify your problems or challenges?
  • Assess these issues and select the key issues where you should focus your innovative skills?
  • Extract the contradictions of your problem?
  • develop innovative concepts to eliminate the contradictions?

Then I can be helpful for you!

Do you want to know how I can help you?

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Dr. Didier Casner

PhD in Industrial Engineering - Design Engineering
Offenburg, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

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