Professional Background

Since 2018 – Control Software Engineer, BOBST Grenchen AG, Switzerland

  • Development of control software for machines
  • Development of communication interfaces for machines
  • Production machine of corrugated cartons

2015-2017 – Project manager, Hochschule Offenburg, Germany

  • On-site project manager within the “Intensified by design platform for the intensification of processes involving solids handling” EU Project granted by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020/SPIRE program
    • Development of a TRIZ-based methodology for the development of new process intensifying equipment in process engineering
    • Application of the methodology on industrial case-studies (Almirall S.A. and Euroatomisado)

Academic Background

2010 – 2015 – PhD in Design Engineering, Product Development and Innovation, University of Strasbourg, France

Topic: “Methodological contribution to the embodiment design support and optimization of mechatronic systems”

The doctoral project dealt with the preliminary design process, and more specifically the development of a RPA-based approach allowing to computerize the embodiment process of mechatronic systems. Starting with the list of specifications, the process was intended to:

  • search for possible technical solutions to perform a specific functionality into databases,
  • analyze the compatibilities between the technical solutions in order to identify if those solutions can be combined or not.
  • considering that a mechatronic solution should satisfy more than one functionality (if considering safety, reliability, complementary functions), the third step aims at the combination of the technical solutions in order to develop mechatronic solutions using optimization-based RPA tools,
  • evaluate the solutions and provide the optimal solutions to the designer.

The project led to:

  • Development of new embodiment design methods and tools to improve the mechatronic product architecting process:
  • Development of a novel approach to improve the integration level of technologies from different fields within mechatronic products for user-oriented design
  • Development of a multiobjective optimization-based tool to computerize the product architecting process based on morphological matrix

2009-2010 Master of Science in Mechatronics, University of Strasbourg, France

2007-2009 Master of Sciences in Images, Sciences and Information Technologies, University of Strasbourg, France



  • French: native language
  • German: professional proficiency
  • English: professional proficiency


  • Systems: Windows and Linux OS. Knowledge in Embedded and Real-Time Systems
  • Programming languages: C/C++/C#,html, php, SQL
  • Office tools: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Visio, Project, OneNote), and LaTeX
  • CAD/CAE software: Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Spice, Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Multi-physics softwares: Matlab/Simulink and SimPowerSystems, SimMechanics toolboxes
  • Project Management: Redmine
  • Web applications
  • Linux Server Administration (Debian Jenny, Apache, PHP, …)


  • Guitar