I am currently working as an academic employee at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, in the Laboratory for Product and Process Innovation. My research activities are within the framework of the "Intensified by Design" European project, which aims to develop a software platform for process intensification in process engineering. The Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, or the Laboratory for Product and Process Intensification, is therefore responsible for the development of a TRIZ-based method for the ingenious problem solving in process engineering combined with process intensification.

I have completed my master's degree in the field of mechatronics and robotics / control engineering and have then promoted. My doctoral thesis aimed at the rise of a new development process in order to be able to compute and optimize the architecture of a mechatronic system in the embodiment development step with the help of multicultural optimization. On September 3, 2015, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis in the field of "Product Development and Mechatronic Systems" at INSA Strasbourg. In my research, I have developed a number of methods and tools to design mechatronic systems faster and more efficiently. These methods involve the integration of approaches to combinatorial multi-target optimization in the development process in order to computerize some parts of the design process. The developed methods I have applied for different systems, such as robots or wind power plants. This research resulted in ten conference papers and a publication in an international trade journal.

My research topics are:

  • Innovation processes and methods
  • Inventive problem solving with TRIZ
  • Mechatronics
  • Optimization, multicultural optimization